Top 5 Best Companies to Invest For Long Term in India

Top 5 companies to invest

What Is Long-Term Investing?

It is a popular investment strategy that usually investors use to grow their money and to make profits, here are few Best Companies to Invest For Long Term

Long Term is generally investing for a period of 3 years or more but can differ for every investor.

Disclaimer: It is not for the recommendation, the companies listed below are just for information only.

Here Are Few Best Companies To Invest For Long Term To buy In India!

1. Reliance Industries

It has been the best and the first to achieve the new milestone in market capitalization.

Initially, Reliance Industries started as a textile manufacturing company in the early 1950s and then diversified into multiple business channels.

It has oil, gas, refining, petrochemicals as its core businesses.

It also includes many other businesses include the retail industry, a telecom company, media, and subsidiaries, thus it is one of the Best Companies to Invest For Long Term.

2. HDFC Bank

HDFC bank has been having Higher Tops and Higher Bottoms with above 50% of bank’s loans comes from retail loans thus making higher success.

Managing director Aditya Puri is the longest term serving Managing Director of a private bank but now he is replaced by Sashidhar in 2020.

In the last 8 quarters, the net NPA ratio of the bank has been less than 0.5% of its advances. Its net profit has risen at a CAGR of 16.28% in the past five years, thus it is one of the Best Companies to Invest For Long Term

3. Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever is one of the largest companies in India.

The Company was founded in the year 1933, and in the past few years, the had an outstanding performance on Sensex by giving a big percentage of 680% returns till 2021 has given to its investor’s

Its net profit has grown up around 10% in the few years.

4. Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank initially started as Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd as an n0n banking finance company.

It became the first bank in India to receive a banking license from RBI.

After becoming a full-fledged bank in 2003, it has branched into 4 units like consumer banking, corporate banking, commercial banking, and treasury.

The net NPA ratio of this has been constantly reducing.

5. Bajaj Finance

The stocks of Bajaj Finance have given the best returns in the past few years.

On January 11, the stock has given close to 7.97% returns. Bajaj Finance has focussed on small-ticket loans that have helped elevate debt rubble.

Bajaj Finance is a subordinate company of Bajaj Finance Ltd. which is a financial services company. Thus comes in one of the best companies to invest in the stock market.

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