Sandes App, Atlernative Of WhatsApp – Everything You Need To Know

Sandes App

Launched by: National Informatics Centre

Official Website: [ Click Here To Download The App ]

Sandes App the word meaning is a message in Hindi and also it is same as other social media platforms.

Usually, it requires your mobile number or any government Id to Sign up and allows the user to data that is confidential. It means the apps will allow the recipient to be aware that you should not share your messages with others.

The app can be used just like other normal instant messaging apps for text messages, sharing images, and videos, contact sharing, group chats between your contacts.

Government employees have already been asked to use Sandes App over other messaging apps

Sandes App

How To Sign Up For Sandes App?

  1. Download the app, which is available for Android Smartphones with APK file on android version and above
  2. It can be downloaded from the App store which is also compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  3. Make sure you download the official App with a 4.1 rating
  4. You can sign up for the app after downloading the app with your mobile number or email, but these emails restrict to government id
  5. If users want to sign up using other domains like Gmail, or any other email account you will notice that it does not allow such emails to sign in.
  6. You require a government domain to sign up like emails would be valid to use.
  7. Or else you can sign up using your mobile number with some Government ID as proof.
  8. Later you can edit your profile picture and more just like other instant messaging apps.

Sandes App vs Other Instant Messaging Apps

Sandes App

  • One of the greatest differences between Sandes App and the other platforms is that the option of signing up using an email id.
  • For now, it restricts to government officials only.
  • Whereas other messaging apps do not have any verified accounts of any individuals.
  • You even have other different options like sending your back data to other locations such as Email.
  • whereas other messaging app stores all our back up data on Google Drive only if you are using Android phones
  • The app does not allow their users to re-edit their email id or their number after getting registered
  • But can create a new account with another mobile number and email id
  • Other messaging apps have a dedicated feature of rechanging mobile numbers.

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