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Khatabook App

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Khatabook is a new online platform specially made for shop owners of small businesses where everything is handled digitally, it is a ledger cash book that is safe, secure to use for all kinds of businesses especially for the ones who run small businesses.

The app mainly maintains the accounts of customers it is just like doing tally using a mobile phone.

The shop owners can use this app efficiently by taking money that is crediting to their bank account which is known as Jama in Hindi and the money which is debited from their account known as Udhaar given to their trusted customers can be made digitally by just scanning QR code present in the shop or even online by sharing the links to send money.

You can just know about all the transactions you made and help you concreate more on the growth of business and you can even manage multiple business accounts using this single app.

Khatabook is used by nearly 40 million people of India every day that helps their business to grow, where the app is available to use in 13 different languages to make the app usage by the people more comfortable and easy to use.

The Khatabook is a user-friendly app, which has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use by any age segment (18-80), and all you require to use this app is an Android/iOS mobile phone, with an active mobile number.

How To Register for khatabook App?

Khata Book AppKhata Book App

  1. Download the khatabook app and login into the app
  2. As you open the app it will ask you to select the language and whichever you are comfortable with you can select the language.
  3. Enter your mobile number from which you want to open the account and the same number has to be registered with your bank account.
  4. Now you will receive an OTP to your mobile number, enter the same, and generate a mobile PIN
  5. Now you have successfully registered with the khatabook App.

How To Use Khayabook App?

Khata Book AppKhata Book App

  1. Once you register you just need to tap on add customers using their mobile number from the search option so that you can easily credit and debit money to the customers
  2. You can even add your Business Card to this app which helps your customers as well as for the growth of your business
  3. Here you can set a reminder and send the same reminder of payment to the customers who need to pay the debit you provided and save the same for later
  4. Monthly notification of the money received by the customers is also displayed and you can even update it and easily use the app
  5. There is an option called a Learn Business from which you can watch business-related videos and make  business planning accordingly
  6. Shop owners can send or receive the payment by just scanning the QR code of the shop, and the QR code accepts all other UPI payments or they can even use the links to receive their payment thus everything is done in less time and helping shop owners use their time precisely and build their business with ease
  7. All the transactions you do are updated automatically thus you get more time to build your business.


To summarize the above topic “How To Use khatabook App?”  the Khata Book App, which is an online platform specially made for shop owners of small businesses where everything is handled digitally

Shop owners can manage the whole business online and making the payments digitally which will save their time and helps them build their business, and make a profit.

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