How To Use e-Courts Services Mobile App

e-Court Service Mobile App

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e-Court Service Mobile App helps you with the information about all your court cases filed in the subordinate courts from your phone anytime, anywhere, using the app

You can also get the information about your cases registered in high courts or any other information by visiting its online portal

The App helps you to save your cases that were running for months and the same you can view later in the option called My cases

The app comes up with a wide variety of options where you can find and search your case number, FIR Number, Filing Number, Copy Type, can search your party, Act on the case going on, can also find the advocate you were searching for.

All you need to have to use this app is a smartphone and if any cases going on in the courts which are going on then you need to know the CNR number of that case

Thus you can easily search for that case on your mobile phone and keep in contact and also to have the information on the case using your phone.

How To Use The e-Court Sevice Mobile App?

This mobile app helps you know about your cases from anywhere and anytime and has many important features which you need to know about and everything which you need to know is explained below:

  1. Initially, you to download the app from the google play store and login into the app
  2. The app provides the facility to search the cases which are going on based on their CNR Number so that you can easily find out the information about your cases.
  3. You can even search your cases based on FIR Number, Case Number, Filing Number or Advocate Name and case type but the easiest way to search for your case is CNR Number
  4. There is an option called as My cases, where you find all the details about your cases which are going on with the detailed information with case Number, and its Party information and any other information about the case and you can even give your hearing on that case
  5. Cause list option which is available on the app which will help you to watch any criminal or civil cause list of any of the courts you have to select to know and get the information to view the same


To Summarize, The “e-Court Service Mobile App” is one of the best apps for the users to use which will help you find your cases filed in high courts by just using the CNR number and know everything about the case which is going on.

The app is best for those who have multiple cases registered which are related to land, house, or any other family cases going on which will help the app user to maintain and know about the cases online by just using their mobile phone

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