How To Reduce Electricity Bill? – All You Need To Know, Save Money!

Reduce Electricity Bill

A normal middle-class family usually pays about Rs. 2000 during Winters whereas more than 4000 in summers who are having 1 air conditioner, a fridge, television and other electric appliances their house, But there are few ways through from which you can reduce the electricity bill by more than 50%

Here are some tips and ideas using which you can reduce your electricity bill:

  • Use Fluorescent tube lights and CFL’s as they are 5 times more effective in emitting light and very efficient than all other ordinary bulbs and thus save a lot of energy and electricity
  • Turn off all lights whenever it’s not necessary especially during the night time as light falls into our eyes while sleeping would harm your eyes so it’s always better to take precautions than cure.
  • Try to use Infrared sensors, Motion sensors, Automatic Timers, Dimmers, Solar cells, or can also keep alarms whenever required.
  • Use Task lightning: It’s a reading lamp where it lights only at a particular area rather than lightning the whole room.
  • More Often Times Dust your tube lights and lamps regularly because Dirty tube lights and bulbs reflect less light can absorb 50% of the light emitted.

Use Solar Energy!

  • With around a total of 300 days of sunshine every year in India, It has one of the best conditions to obtain solar energy.
  • Solar Panels can be used efficiently and the best way to generate renewable electricity
  • These solar panels can be installed on your rooftop which cost is only a one-time investment and may cost up to 50,000 which is considered very less when compared to the money you pay for your electricity bills.

 While Using Air Conditioners

  1. Set the room air conditioner at normal temperature to reduce your electricity bill
  2. Reduce the air conditioner bill by more than 40% by shading your home’s windows and walls
  3. Use Fans to make air move faster thus cooling down your room at a much faster rate
  4. Can plant more trees and shrubs to keep the sun’s heat away from your house
  5. Always keep doors closed for air-conditioned rooms
  6. Keep your air conditioner filter clean every month, because a dirty air conditioner reduces airflow and thus damaging the whole unit.
  7. Always try to use energy-efficient air conditioners to save energy and electricity bill
  8. But it’s always better to use ceiling fans or table fans against hot summer. As the cost is about 30 paisa an hour to operate ceiling or table fans which is lesser than the cost of air conditioners which is Rs 10 per hour.

While using Refrigerators

  1. Always allow space around refrigerators so that air can flow through it.
  2. Think about what you need from the refrigerator before opening its door, thus you reduce the amount of time the door kept open and save energy.
  3. Allow hot and warm food to cool completely and cover them well before keeping them in the refrigerator
  4. Make sure that all the rubber doors and seals of the refrigerator are clean and tight.
  5. Defrost the freezer whenever it is full of ice by clicking on the manual defrost refrigerator button.

While Using Microwave Ovens

  1. Usually, microwaves save energy by reducing your time to cook.
  2. And you can save a minimum of 50 percent on your costs by using an oven but not a common gas to cook food.
  3. Especially can use the microwave to cook a small quantity of food.

Computers and TV

  1. Always turn off your computer, TV, or any other electric appliances when they are not in use
  2. Set computers, screens on sleep-moe when not in use as it helps save energy for up to 40%
  3. Pull the plug and save battery chargers, for laptops, phones, and cameras, as they drew energy whenever they are plug-in and are very inefficient.

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