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PhonePe Business App

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The most preferred app by people for doing all their online transactions, bill payments, recharges is  through the PhonePe app and has also made PhonePe Business app which is useful for business-owning people

The app is usually based on Unified Payment Interface(UPI) using which all the transaction from one person’s account to another has become possible.

How to Open Merchant Account Using PhonePe Business App?

You can open the Merchant Account using the PhonePe Business App using just a few easy simple steps which are explained below:

  1. Initially, you need to download the merchant account app of phone pe which you can  download from the link given above, and open the app
  2. Options are available to login into the app you can choose any one of the apps or click on sign in to login into the app
  3. It login into the app the app initially asks you to enter your name and mobile number
  4. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number which you have previously entered and enter the same OTP received
  5. Allow the permission to GPS to access your location or you can even enter your shop address manually but you need to enter the complete address
  6. It now has your location automatically and click on the save button for further use of the same
  7. Now you need to enter your complete business details like business name, type of business you are into, and just click on submit button
  8. Enter your bank account details and one thing you need to keep in mind is that the details of your bank account you are adding should have the same mobile number linked with your bank account
  9. After adding your bank account details and if you have added the same number which you have registered with your bank account then your bank account will be automatically linked with your PhonePe business app.
  10. Thus successfully creating your account of merchant account using PhonePe App

Benefit Of Using The Phone Pe Business App?

  1. By using this merchant account app you can easily accept all payments from all the online apps and can even register for it in just 2 minutes
  2. You can select your preferred language to use this app comfortably
  3. Can even receive voice notification whenever someone makes payment only which you click on  the enable option in the app
  4. You can send or receive the SMS notifications on each payment you do
  5. By using this business app your business will be viewable and accessible by millions of people in the world
  6. You can share offers, vouchers, and all the updates to increase your walk-ins into the shop and can make a larger profit from your business
  7. A chat option is also available in this app so that you can easily send and receive messages from your customers.
  8. Can manage all your payments received and also can keep an eye on the pending payments and can remind about the pending payment of the customers


To Summarize, PhonePe Business App is one of the best app to use and create merchant account which helps you grow your business, make and receive payment from customers, makes your business visible to millions of people, and helps you to reach out to your customers with the latest offers and updates you provide to your customers.

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