eNAM App – Objectives, Registration Process and More

e-NAM App

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e-NAM App is especially for the farmers to help them with various madis creating a unified national market for agriculture purpose to all farmers and also trading is provided by Government of India.

Using a mobile phone and the e-NAM App you can easily trade online or farmers can take the help of enrolled agents but need to give some charge.

The App is bound with lakhs farmers of 18 states of India as members and 1000’s of markets present in cities and villages that are registered with the Agricultural Produce Market Committee

The farmers will now get help from this app by knowing the better price for their goods and produce to sell in the market by gaining profit

These market of eNAM are being the best because the crops produced by farmers are weighed and the same is lifted on the same day even the money gained by the crops are paid to farmers online on the same day, thus helping farmers in all formats from buying the crops to selling and providing money to the farmers.

Main Objectives Of eNAM App?

eNAM App

  1. Providing the whole transparency from the sale, pricing the crops, to regulating the same into markets for farmers profit
  2. Licensing of the traders by State Authorities even if they are not available at the same place.
  3. Only a single license to all the farmers to trade across all the mandis in their state
  4. Providing equality for agricultural produce and helping build buyers with proper infrastructure in each and every market
  5. Purchasing in Wholesale from the farmer will help farmers to make maximum profit from their crops that they produce
  6. Providing a variety of Soil Testing Laboratories that are near to their place so that farmers can easily visit the laboratories whenever necessary.

How To Register Using e-NAM App?

  1. Click here to visit the Official Website of eNAM to register yourselves with the app
  2. After you login into the website, a page will pop up and asks you to fill in all the required details, initially, it asks you about the Registration Type you can select any one option as Seller and also select the “APMC” option given beloweNAM App
  3. Provide all the necessary documents and personal details like Name, Address, Email, Pincode, Photo of your Aadhaar as Identity Proof, etc
  4. Also your Bank Details like Bank Name, Account Number, your name as per Bank Account Holder, IFSC Code, you also need to upload your photo.
  5. One scan copy of your identity proof that can be your Aadhaar, PAN, Driving license, etc.
  6. To receive the notification you need to check the box of SMS, and email option given below the bank account details and click on submit option available below.

Thus eNAM App helping all the farmers of the country to yield good crops and produce them with proper assistance from nearby laboratories and make a profit by selling the goods produced to the buyers using the eNAM App which will help farmers in all formats and making the traction of money easy and online.

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