Best Cloud And Video Meeting Apps For Teams in 2021 video calling app

1. Zoom

Zoom Video calling app

Zoom App can be used for Android, Windows, iOS, Web and is the Best Cloud and Video Meeting Apps. It is one of the most popular group calls and video conferencing app, for most of the time zoom just works well. 

we can install the zoom app on our phone or laptop and can host free 1:1 video conferencing with a time limit and sometimes with no time limit and even group video calls with up to 100 people for 40 minutes, which is the best cloud and video meeting app for teams.

It also has paid plans where you can chat with up to 1000 people at once, but most importantly Zoom is best for making a big group of video calls when paid thus is the Best Cloud and Video Meeting Apps.

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2. Google Meet 

Google Meet can be used on iOS, Android, Web and has the best features, it has a deep tie-up with Google.

If you are creating a meeting using this, you will get a Meet link that you and your meeting attendees can click on it and instantly can join the meeting or a call. Even when we are in between the call we can find the files from google drive and other Apps and share them in chat, without even leaving the call. We can even directly start the call from Google inbox.

It includes Live Captioning, it can detect other languages on call when spoken, also has tab-sharing which is great for media sharing, with very little lag. it is somewhat difficult to do large group video calls but can say it is a lite driven for Google Workspace and its users and is the best cloud and video meeting apps.

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3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is mainly for users of Video conferencing to meet with your team or broadcast a webinar to thousands of viewers at the same time. With GoToMeeting we can schedule meetings online, then use its app to join calls, share your screen, and present to the viewers.

We can schedule a session or start a one-time call and it lets you create a custom link for your meeting which is a great feature to use.

GoToMeeting offers all features you’d expect from with up to 6 people in it.

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4. Cisco Webex Meeting


Cisco Webex Meeting is one of the leading manufactures of video conferencing hardware, Cisco Webex Meetings is designed around large-scale.

It has all the features for proper video conferencing with special crisp audio compared to some other options. But the real standout feature of this Cisco Webex Meeting is its Virtual whiteboard. Once you start a call, you can opt to share your screen as white space and can then use a wide range of sketching tools, text, and other geometric shapes.

If you want to do normal video calls you can even do that too using this app, and even can do video calls in the team with collaboration.

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5. can be used on platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Web, etc and is just similar to GoToMeeting app, it is a perfect app if you want to make a normal call.

We can call to start a meeting from our browser or any of the mobile or desktop apps, and participants can join as well. It has got Some pro features and is only available if we use a desktop app. But if you looking for a simple video call or a client who doesn’t need to share their screen, then using is a solid option to use.

Thus these are the best cloud meeting app for group video calls and more.

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